Explore Three Amazing Wineries in Galicia

view of a farm from a small window

Visit the Amazing Galician Wineries of Martín Códax, Pazo Baión & Granbazán Did you know that every year there are over 4,000 fiestas in Galicia?  With this amount of celebrations, the Gallegos need a lot of wine; and boy do they have some amazing wine.  In fact, the wine was one of the reasons why…

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Go Off Spain’s Beaten Path and Visit Teruel

people walking on a street of a city

Go Off Spain’s Beaten Path and Visit Teruel – Take a Journey into the Country’s  Architectural Past Why do we recommend that you go off Spain’s beaten path and visit Teruel?   Two main reasons are that the city is known for its Mudejar architecture and Jamon Serrano or Serrano ham.  For you Jamon lovers, this is the…

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Escape to one of Spain’s Hidden Treasures: Albarracin

top view of Castillo Musulmán De Albarracín

Take A Personal Journey to One of Spain’s Hidden Treasures Escape to one of Spain’s hidden treasures, Albarracín.  Albarracín is a magical city located in east-central Spain.  The city is surrounded by high cliffs and is nestled upon the Guadalaviar River.  The town’s location provides beautiful scenery from every corner.   Albarracín’s population is a whopping…

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Visit Cureil de Duero’s Castle Hotel

a place on a hill, tourist destination

Visit Curiel de Duero’s Castle Hotel | Have you ever stayed in a castle hotel?  We had the opportunity to stay at Curiel de Duero’s Castle Hotel and it was an amazing experience.  The hotel staff made us feel like we were Spanish Royalty and the food at its famous restaurant was delicious.  We were…

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Ribera del Duero Wine Trip

front view of a Protoss building

Wine and Cuisine Spanish Wine Have you ever visited Spain’s Ribera del Duero wine region?  Did you taste some amazing Protos wine?  Have you stayed at the historic Convento Las Claras Hotel?  Join me on a journey through Spain’s famous Ribera del Duero wine region. I arrived in Penafiel via Madrid which is a nice…

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(VIDEO) Two Days In San Sebastian

Two days in San Sebastian Cover

Wine and Cuisine  Of course I couldn’t cover everything I did in San Sebastian in the video, but here are some other things to see and do during  your visit. Ondarreta Ondarreta is the western part of San Sebastian.  Here are some recommenations: Playa de Ondarreta (the beach). Palacio Miramar. The Ondarreta Gardens (near the…

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The Medieval Streets of Cáceres

Close up of a historic building

History Hiker Samuel Garza I traveled from Madrid to Caceres, which was my first trip to the Extremadura region of Spain. My friends in Madrid told me that visiting Extremadura is the perfect place to see old Spain. Like many areas of Spain, there have been settlements in or around Caceres since prehistoric times.(1) The…

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Jueves Santo in Toledo, Spain

a room decorated with candles, flowers, and a painting

History Hiker Experiencing a Jueves Santo in Toledo, Spain will shake every emotion inside of you.  This is what happened to me when I was invited to experience Toledo’s Jueves Santo by my good friends from Madrid, Kiko and Beatrice.  I met my Spanish friends while living in Madrid in 2014. Beatrice was born and…

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