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Jim R. Sutton – Travel Security Specialist

With world-wide travel experience including residence in Europe and Latin America, Jim Sutton is a former Intelligence Analyst and FBI Special Agent. Jim has has three decades of world-wide experience including travel in war zones, Iraq and Afghanistan. He successfully executed a number of complex, multi-jurisdictional investigations and has significant operational experience in countries with high levels of criminal violence or sub-national conflict. Jim has an MA in Public Policy Analysis. His current research is focused on transnational organized crime, official corruption, human trafficking, disappearances’ and internally displaced populations. Jim will be contributing on travel security. Stay tuned for Jim’s blog posts on travel security.

Five Easy Lessons for All Travelers

Travel Security Tips By Jim Sutton  Five Easy Lessons for all Travelers  After several decades traveling around the world, including several “Hot War zones” I’ve learned several lessons about traveling.  I’ve narrowed my list down to the five most important lessons that have kept me safe during my travels. Lesson # 1: You will make […]

Security Tips for the Business Traveler

Travel Security Jim Sutton           An increasing number of Americans are fortunate enough to combine work related trips with brief vacation stints or getaways. This opportunity of combining work and pleasure, is great if we keep in mind how to avoid unpleasantness. The risks faced can be avoided if we keep […]

(VIDEO) Travel Security Training Available on July 8

Travel Security Training World Travelers Today’s FREE Travel Security Training will be available for blog followers and newsletter subscribers this Friday, July 8, 2016. What you will learn: How to conduct research on your destination that goes beyond your travel guide books Prepare for threats/contingencies while traveling Practice personal protection discipline Read more on subject […]


Travel Security   Originally posted on History Hiker on March 11, 2014 By Samuel Garza & Jim Sutton This post is dedicated to the victims of the Madrid train bombing and also Francisco Javier Torrenteras of Spain’s Special Group, who gave his life in defense of his country. Ten years ago, several bombs were detonated […]

Preventing Petty Crimes Against Tourist

Petty crimes against tourists are the most ubiquitous forms of illegal behavior around the world. No major urban area is safe from them. Even though they are costly and common, exceeding millions of dollars and euros and making up over half of all crimes committed, they are not always prosecuted. Don’t Be a Victim Despite […]

Five Emerging Trends In Travel Security

Thinking about the intersection between travel and security is nothing new. A 2011 column ( ) on the topic asked: “How does it draw the line between technology and personal service? There is no doubt that technology plays an important role in tourism and travel. Most of us are now used to booking our airline reservations […]