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Create a trip to France and work with Sam Garza to build your journey to one of Europe's most visited countries. Visit the cities of Paris, Bordeaux, Nice, Provence, the Normandy region, Strasbourg, and much more. Experience all that France has to offer. Book your session via my convenient online calendar. 

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Design Your Own Adventure to France with Sam Garza

  • Work with Sam Garza to create amazing experience to France by booking flights, hotels, and activities.
  • Begin your journey in Paris and visit all the wonderful sites throughout the city.
  • Board a high-speed train to Reims and visit the famous Champagne region.
  • Travel to Normandy and visit beautiful small towns.
  • Visit Bordeaux and taste the regions delicious wine.
  • Journey to the Luberon and visit all the quaint small towns of Provence.

The Moreno's 20th Wedding Anniversary in Paris

The De Los Santos' Trip to France

French Cities & Regions

Visit the beautiful city of Paris.  

River Seine in Paris.

Visit the beautiful Mont-Saint-Michel.

Explore world-renowned wineries in Bordeaux.  

Explore Luberon and see all that Provence has to offer. 


Take a high-speed train from Paris to the Loire Valley and visit the area's famous Chateaux. 

Visit the charming town of Strasbourg and experience a blend of both German and French Culture. 

Take a fast train from Paris and explore the capital city of France's Champagne region, Reims. 

Visit the beautiful city of Bayeux.

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