Traveler’s Spotlight   Where to Stay Hotel Cap Diamant   Hotel Cap Diamond is located on 39, Avenue Sainte-Genevieve, Quebec QC G1R 4B3.  This intimate boutique style hotel is perfect for travelers seeking privacy and amazing customer service.  I felt welcomed the minute I arrived and the other guest I spoke with felt exactly the same.  The hotel is in the oldest building on the street and has a rich history. The… Read More

Traveler’s Spotlight     By Amy Arden     Describing Pittsburgh, PA as magical would likely be a stretch of the imagination for most people. But I grew up in western Pennsylvania, often within sight of cows and cornfields, and whenever I left the farmland behind and entered the bustle and busyness of Pittsburgh, it did feel like stepping into a different world. I recently revisited that world for a weekend. It… Read More

Traveler’s Spotlight   Nestled along the St Lawrence River is the world’s most famous winter slide, the Toboggan Slide Au 1884.  It sits in front of the famous Chateau Frontenac and is visited and photographed by millions of visitors each year. The desent was much faster than I imagined and I had a hard time trying to hold my camera steady and also hold on to the rope.  You can reach up… Read More

Traveler’s Spotlight         Amy Arden There was no rain when I stepped off the plane in Seattle, WA. Aside from a brief morning shower, the skies stayed dry and sunny for the remainder of my visit. My umbrella never emerged from my luggage. That was lesson one that the city taught me: don’t assume. Having spent over a decade living and working in the Washington, DC area, tourists are… Read More

Traveler’s Spotlight     By Amy Arden     Think of Nashville, TN and perhaps inevitably, you think of country music: crooners in cowboy hats, the Grand Ol’ Opry, Loretta Lynn, and Johnny Cash. What Hollywood is for actors, Nashville is for musicians. Hopeful singers pepper the sidewalks of the city’s music district the way Starbucks ubiquitously claims space in other cities. Music needs an audience, so perhaps equally inevitably, Nashville’s best-known… Read More