WTT 002:  Discussion with UN Consultant Robert Palmer on  World Travel 


I’m happy to have Robert Palmer, a United Nations Consultant speak with us on WTT’s Podcast. Robert is a personal friend and former colleague. Robert and I met at the University of Kent at Canterbury while we were both earning our MA in International Relations. Robert travels the world for both business and pleasure and he will be sharing some advice on working at the UN, living in Rome, and traveling the world.
What you will learn:

  • Robert’s career advice on working with the UN
  • Advice on living and traveling in Rome
  • How to study abroad and earn an international MBA

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for new posting soon.

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WTT001:  Jim Sutton’s Tips on Traveling Safely Around the World


Recorded on June 27, 2016, two days before the airport bombing in Istanbul, Turkey. We would like to express our condolences to the families of the victims of this terrorist attack.

Joining me this week is Jim Sutton, Founder of the North American Intelligence Exchange. Jim is also a former U.S. government intelligence analyst and FBI Special Agent. Jim is a travel security expert and contributor to World Travelers Today.

I met Jim over 10 years ago while working on a contract with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Jim was the project’s Intelligence Director and over the years, has served as my mentor and colleague on multiple security projects. Jim has traveled the world for both business and pleasure, notably in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Today, Jim is going to share some valuable tips on how travelers can stay safe while overseas. He will also share some insight into why terrorist groups target modes of transportation. One question I had for Jim is, will the level of security at airports expand?


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