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[VIDEO] Travel Security Training Promo



With the rise of terrorist attacks throughout the world, traveling abroad comes with more risks in locations that many thought were safe and secure. The “new normal” has tourist destinations suffering from the lack of visitors due to fear. Many believe there is nothing they can do to stay safe while traveling, however there are several things you can do before and during your trip to minimize the risks of the “new normal.”  In addition, travelers should be more aware of the criminal activity in the country they are visiting as compared to international terrorist groups.

WTT’s new training solution will help you prepare for an international trip by providing you with resources and intelligence on your destination. Our training will also help you identify the four steps of personal protection discipline.

This video training was designed and developed by Samuel Garza, an experienced traveler with a training security background and Jim Sutton, a former FBI Special Agent and intelligence analyst. Sign up for the FREE training by clicking here

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