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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Historical Highlight                                                  By Samuel Garza   Experiencing a Jueves Santo in Toledo, Spain will shake every emotion inside of you.  This is what happened to me when I was invited to experience Toledo’s Jueves Santo by my good friends from Madrid, Kiko and Beatrice.  I met my Spanish… Read More

Bartender’s Best “Italy has changed.  But Rome is Rome.” – Robert De Niro   By Samuel Garza   I have visited the ancient city of Rome many times over the past two decades and I can never get enough of Rome’s culture, history, and food.  I have several favorite restaurants and historical sites I enjoy visiting (more blog posts to come), but nothing motivates me more than visiting Enoteca il Goccetto.  This cozy… Read More

Travel Security Tips By Jim Sutton  Five Easy Lessons for all Travelers  After several decades traveling around the world, including several “Hot War zones” I’ve learned several lessons about traveling.  I’ve narrowed my list down to the five most important lessons that have kept me safe during my travels. Lesson # 1: You will make mistakes during your trip, but you must learn from your mistakes and move on.  Most of us… Read More

Fab Food Of course I couldn’t cover everything I did in San Sebastian in the video, but here are some other things to see and do during  your visit. Ondarreta Ondarreta is the western part of San Sebastian.  Here are some recommenations: Playa de Ondarreta (the beach). Palacio Miramar. The Ondarreta Gardens (near the beach). Parte Vieja/Old Town The old town was where I spent most of my time due to the… Read More

Traveler’s Spotlight By:  Sara-Jane Murray       Bali has been on my travel hit list for the past couple of years so when a friend mentioned she was travelling there a few months ago and asked if would I like to join, it seemed rude to decline. Undeterred by the fact it was rainy season and jollied along by the idea of sipping ice cold cocktails by the pool I re-juggled… Read More